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Making of the Berlin Body Memories
 sketch transcription from the diary of Jürgen Baldiga (*27.10.1959 Essen; † 4.12.1993 Berlin)

sketch transcription from the diary of Jürgen Baldiga (*27.10.1959 Essen; † 4.12.1993 Berlin)

Jürgen Baldiga was a German artist and photographer.

He became known especially for his partly provocative photographic works, which dealt with his person and the topic AIDS. Jürgen Baldiga has published several books. His work has been shown in various exhibitions. His estate is in the archive of the Gay Museum in Berlin.

Baldiga died from the consequences of AIDS. On the 20th anniversary of his death, there was a cover picture in the gay magazine Siegessäule. His grave is on the Old St. Matthew Cemetery. On the cover of the "Zitty", Jürgen held the early gravestone in his arms.

In October 2014, Manfred Salzgeber was moved to the grave to the left of Jürgen after the former grave site had expired. So the friends are together again after 20 years.

(Translated from Wikilepdia DE)

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Looking for photo model - Berlin Body Memories
 Photo © Hang Su

Photo © Hang Su

Dear people around,

I am searching freelance model for photo shooting.

I am making a concert + reading project calls BERLIN BODY MEMORIES (BBM) about photograph Jürgen Baldiga and author Ronald Schernikau, both gay artists were living in Berlin, (Schernikau was living in Leipzig also.) Both of them were passed away in the time of AIDS epidemic in the early 90s. Our invited author has written a wonderful German literature for them, this motivates me to make some portrait for the reading session. 

In this project, we will focus on the closet of the body part, the gesture and fine movement of bodies. If you want to know more about this literature, we will send you a selection of it. We will use your photos and videos for our reading session at this concert. (Music part 35 minutes, reading 25-30 Minutes.) The homo or bi- or not-homo males around Leipzig and Berlin are our focus.

Please feel free to contact me!

(Application Deadline 30 October 2018)